Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shadowy Politics

No one is surprised that shadowy figures influence politics in Washington D.C. But few want to acknowledge such manipulation when it occurs at a more local level. Here in the northern suburbs, some very strange things have been happening. Established incumbents suddenly retiring. Fringe candidates getting mainstream support. Party leaders left in the dark. What's behind it?

To understand what is going on, you have to look at the history of the area. You have to know who has gotten used to having power, and who controls the money. You have to be willing to acknowledge that people who speak of very lofty goals may have very base objectives. You have to realize that some candidates are being promoted, and others are being used. You have to avoid becoming paranoid, but be prepared to see things as they really are.

There are patterns, and they have been emerging for a number of years. Republicans pretending to be independents. Conservatives pretending to be moderates. Democrats pretending to be progressive.

There are also players. A congressman. A senator. A mayor. And others – some from neighboring areas, some whose allegiance is far away from here.

A lot of very sincere people have been working very hard in this area for a number of years to bring about change. It looks like the decision has been made that this election is an opportunity to clear the boards of those people. Some Democrats thought that the redistricting would be their chance to consolidate power. Others see it differently. They are working very hard and very stealthily. They have vast resources and no scruples. And they have the advantage of surprise.

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